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Cutting Cords Series Live and Online

All beings and things on earth are energy. There are connections between them and you where distance and time plays no role. Positive and negative is not about good and evil but sometimes the use you as an energysource. In the Cuttings Cords series we cut the negative energy cords, stop Energy Loss and create a higher Vibration. Anouchka and Donny helped many people to come back in there energy and start a higer vibration. The Cutting Cords series is a great help to know whats happening and learn to take your own steps.

What is Cutting Cords?
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Wij zijn Anouchka de Vries en Donny Toebes en hebben jarenlange ervaring in het helpen van onze cliënten met het verwijderen van Negatieve Verbindingen en Negatieve Energie. We hebben ervaring met het helpen van anderen met de ‘standaard’ negatieve energieën, maar ook met de grotere tot extreme uitdagingen van negatieve energie op mensen, dieren en locaties.

This Cutting Cords Series is the first series where we support you on a easy and informative way and learn you to cut the Energy Loss. Every time you watch the session you are in our sacred energy space where you grow to a higher vibration.

Are you ready to end the Energy Loss??

Choose the Cuttings Cords below and get started.
Cutting Cords 1 is needed to benefit Cutting Cords 2 and Cutting Cords 3.
Please take the workshops in order 1 –> 2 –> 3.

The sessions are Live Online, Live in our Center and On Demand (Recorded).


Cutting Cords #1

Discover how to retrieve your energy and vibrate higher.

Next on: 26 january 2024 LIVE

Cutting Cords #2

Discover how to retrieve your energy and vibrate higher. This session is in depth about empathic cords.

Next on: soon available

Cutting Cords #3

Discover how to retrieve your energy and vibrate higher.  This session goes in depth about the different cords, intentions and placement in your body.

Requirement: Universals Check

Next on: soon available

Choose your session and extra’s to complete your Journey.

Do you want more result? Choose a Negative Energy Clearing to empower your Vibration.

Please follow the session is order 1-2-3
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Stop Energy Loss and Start a Higher Vibration
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