Start of the Journey

If you are ready to go beyond and jump into an individual journey with us, is here the place to start. The individual journey is possible with Donny or Anouchka or both. It depends on the purpose of your journey and what is in alignment for you and for us. 

When we journey together, we are dedicated on the pathway. The journey will be an intensive period with healing, clearing, supporting and guiding regularly. Are you going to start the journey to your ‘one self’ with us? 

The purpose of your journey at the start is up to you. During the journey we go with the flow of the universe and are open for what appears. We trust the universe and our guidance in what is needed and supportive for you!

Please complete the form in full to start the Journey with the intake.

There is a large number of requests, book your intake as soon as possible to start in time. There is a waitlist between intake and start.

How it works

After you sign up for the intake, we do the Universals check within a week. When we can take you on the journey, we meet at the scheduled intake. In the intake we discuss the start, the duration, the intensity and the purpose of the Journey.

If our journey is not in alignment, the money will be refunded and your information will be deleted.

Start of the Journey

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