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Thanks to our experience gained on our own journey, we have various options to support you in a way that suits your wishes and possibilities. We are multi-dimensional beings and have access to many Energy Realms so guidance takes place through The Universals across all dimensions and timelines.


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The world is changing and it’s changing fast. A physical, emotional and spiritual balance is very important.
We see you as you truly are, and we embrace and welcome all aspects of your being. We see you, we support you!

We invite you to join us on this journey. We ask you to step into your power, to your oneself. Isn’t that what you came here for? It’s now the time to follow your real pathway, understand your blueprint, design and power. It’s time to stand out. Do you see the truth? Do you follow your pathway?

Are you growing to your oneself? The clock is ticking and time is running out!  We support you and provide tools for your questions and needs for growth and higher vibration. Our goal is to show you the real world and discover the awakening divine power of your oneself.

We support and inform  you on different levels, as at is the best for you.
The Journey starts at about, takes you above and let you go beyond everything, your Pathway will be fully available.

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Negative Energy
Clearing and Healing

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Pathway to Oneself

Negative Energy Clearing and Healing

Transform the energy and step on your pathway to Oneself.

Key Concepts Clearing and Healing

Everything needs energy to maintain. The source where this energy comes from, determines in which category we classify the energy. The source in case of positive energy, is the Universe, the One, the Divine. Negative energy has no access to the Divine and is holding on another positive energy to maintain.

A beautiful divine soul, like you, is a great source of positive energy. When a lot of negative energy needs your energy to maintain, you can get a lot of adverse effects. It disturbs your vibration, your feelings and emotions, makes you ill (physical, mental, emotional and energetic) and keeps you away from your soul path, your purpose in this life. It blocks you from shining and being the beautiful divine being that you are!

That is why it is so important to become as clear as possible from negative energy. Besides us as a divine being, are also buildings, things in and around our home and properties able to attach negative energies.

We, the universals, are able to support you as a divine being, to become more and more clear. But most important: we can guide you in your actions, behavior, thoughts and your handling with emotions to prevent you of attracting negative energy. This allows you to fulfill your soul purpose and the life you choose.

Personal Negative Entity Clearing and Healing

Negative Energy and Entity Clearing

In this clearing we look for over more than 80 types of negative energies and entities. We clear the ones we find through the Akashic Records. This is the most safe and sure way to do this and to prevent that the energies will return.


Remote Clearing – International Service – 24×7 available

Negative Entity and Energy Property Clearing

Property Clearing

Our home should be a place where we can relax, be ourselves and feel comfortable and safe. Besides the fact that negative energies can attach to divine beings, negative energies can also attach to a place, a house or the things in and around your home.

Remote Clearing – International Service – 24×7 available

Healing Circle Sessions for the Oneself


Welcome to the next step in your self-healing journey

Key Concepts Healing Circle

Supporting you upon our many years of experience, we have created The Universals Healing Circle to offer you even deeper wisdom and greater guidance. Be part of a circle of likewise, where you are and do what you want to do. We enhance your healing through meditations and open deeper wisdom. Choose your Group Healing Meditation session and enjoy our ENERGETIC support anywhere, anytime.

Universals News & Updates

The Dragons Reveal May 2024

The Dragons Reveal May 2024

The Dragons Reveal is a true monthly spiritual inspiration. We go deeper and higher in our consciousness. Anouchka and Donny are ‘Soul Guided’ to bring the most powerfull and divine information for spiritual inspiration, energetic growth, higher vibration and...

Free: Meet the Realm of Emerald Dragons

Free: Meet the Realm of Emerald Dragons

The Universals support your TransformationThis is a unique oppertunity to recieve the powerfull energies of the Nine Dragons Realm. These very old nine dragons lived centuries ago as powerfull souls of high spiritual beings on earth. They support us now from the...

Total Solar Eclipse recording available

Total Solar Eclipse recording available

On sunday 7 april was the live event for the Solar Eclipse of the next day. Anouchka and Donny have updated everyone about the spiritual and cosmic aspects of this coming Solar Eclipse of 8th april.  This content is a long time up-to-date because the time after the...

Healing Circle update 30/31 march 2024

Healing Circle update 30/31 march 2024

On saturday march 30 and sunday march 31 we did a special Healing Circle. The name of the Healing Circle was "Eclipse inbetween". The message from the Universe was to create a Healing Circle for the inbetween Eclipse situation of this moment. From the moment of the...

Universals Update with Anouchka (Dutch)

Universals Update with Anouchka (Dutch)

In between two eclipses where we are invited to look at our shadowsite and our wounds we need to heal. The collective as a whole and the world is going to a similar transition. This videomessage is about sharing some insights and gives a different view on healing our...

The Universals

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We are Anouchka de Vries and Donny Toebes.  The Universals started as our nickname given by our clients because of our powers, abilities and experience. Today The Universals are famous around the World. Thousands of clients have discovered the power of Transformation and Healing supported by ‘The Universals’. We call ourselves Holographic Healers and Coaches but we do a lot more.

We take people on a journey, within their own possibilities, into the personal transformation, to be ready for the new world. We support people to be in their strength and fulfill the mission chosen at soul level. We provide a loving world, with positive energy and the opportunity to fulfill YOUR soul journey.

Thanks to our many years of experience and the experience gained on our own journey, we have various options to support you in a way that suits your wishes and possibilities. We are multi-dimensional beings and have access to many Energy Realms so guidance takes place through The Universals across all dimensions and timelines.

We transform negative energy into positive. We contribute to a loving existence. We open your pathway to your guides and the Divine Source.

Transform and heal safely, you are welcome in our safe and divine space during your journey. We invite you to start your journey in a way that suits you.

Start your healing and transformation now!

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The Universals is the place for Quantum Human Design, Itjing Readings, Cosmology, Astrology, Akashic Records Readings, Clearings, Blueprints, Spirit Guide Profiles, Soul Profiling, Property Clearings, Negative Energy Clearing and more. Discover who you are at Soul level, and develop your own compass to expand and shine. Soul Journeys and support to help you create a life you love!