Join the monthly LIVE ONLINE Healing Circle!

Meet the Universals Online at this powerfull Healing.
The only thing needed is an Internetconnection and Browser.
No camera needed. You can reply by the available Chat option.

Welcome to this powerfull step in your healing journey.

Drawing upon our 20+ years experience, we have created the daily Healing Circle to offer you even more health and wellbeing, deeper wisdom and greater guidance. Many around the world have discovered this great service of the Universals. A small investment and a great energetic return.

1. Choose the day

Pick a day that fits best and pay. After payment you are part of the chosen Healing Circle.

2. Read the Email

All the details are in the email. If you have any questions you can mail us at You also recieve an Email before start and at the last session.

3. Enjoy the Healing Circle

One of the Universals sends energy healing throughout the day during Healing Circle sessions. Just enjoy your day and let us do the energetic work for you.

Please sign in one person and choose the starting time.
Describe the concern as detailed as possible.
The concern can also be a request for a weekly Energy Boost.


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