On January 28, 2024, Anouchka and Donny organized the Abundance Healing Circle. This Healing Circle was all day long. Throughout the day, everyone was taken into the Abundance energetic circle three times for one hour. The energy of Abundance is an ancient energy with a frequency of 777 Hz that gives us prosperity, abundance, strength and growth. This is about ENERGETIC abundance and not about money, power or wealth. The energy of Abundance stays with you for life.

Powerfull and Safe

Participation in the Healing Circles is very valuable. Your energetic body enters a safe energetic circle or capsule and immediately receives the energy from the relevant source with the aim of healing, growing, connecting and finding balance. In the case of Abundance, it comes directly from the Universe. We place the energetic circle as close as possible to the source as we receive from the Universe. The circle or capsule protects against negative energy, disruptions and outside influences. Most participants feel a moment of peace, safety or warmth come over them once they have arrived in the circle. As a participant in a Healing Circle, you receive the general required energy. In the one-hour sessions you will receive individual attention and specific Healing will come to you.

Session progress

In the previous Abudance of December 2023, there was a break between sessions. With this Abundance the circle continued from the second session until the end of the last session. A continuous session of many hours is very powerful and valuable, but also a big task for your physical, energetic and mental body. The Universe sends what you can receive, you never go beyond the limits of your multidimensional body or energetic abilities. In a longer session we see that the body starts to move or emotional fluctuations. This is very normal because a lot happens in the energy body and here your physical body and mental body must indicate a form or feeling in order to transmit it to your ‘outside’. During the Abundance Circle we are in contact with the energy and we also receive information. We usually sit in a different room and switch groups or circles. We collect the information we receive. Without any mutual communication, we both often receive the same information.


During the session we were both informed about the Shadow of yourself. The Abundance energy contained a code in which we were activated to work on our shadow side. A shadow side is something about yourself that makes you vulnerable or impressionable. In addition to the Healing, all participants have also worked on seeing and working on something of his/her shadow side. And we also have seen this in Feedback during the day. Emotions arose among participants, resulting in tendencies to blame others for something… while we should actually look at our own process and see what we should do ourselves. Here we clearly see the process of looking inward and not outward.

Transformation from 7 to 9 centers

The last session showed how everyone has taken a step further in the transformation from 7 to 9 centers. The transformation from acting out of fear to acting from your (gut) feeling has been initiated or strengthened. If you also did the Abundance in December 2023 or are working on the five abundance meditations, you will have received an energetic diamond in the last session that has been dissolved in your heart. Do you want know more about the 7 to 9 Transformation? Click here!

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