The annual Creator Love Healing Circle was on February 14 and February 17. This Healing Circle was very powerful and contained very strong energetic ‘gemstones’ that came as part of the powerful energy of unconditional love from the universe. This energy of creation and love goes beyond love for yourself or others. It is one of the five basic energies that come to us from the universe. The purpose of this energy is to get or keep us on our soul path and create the things we are here for.


Over the centuries, people have lost the connection between the physical body, the brain and spirituality. This makes it very difficult for us to connect with the five basic energies from the universe these days. The Universals see this every day with important things like our Negative Energy Clearings and individual programs like Soul Profiling. Every Healing circle has a very important purpose for us. One of those goals is to connect with the five basic energies. This Creator Love Healing circle has had a great influence on the relationship with yourself and the effect on the relationship with others.


In this Creator Love Healing circle we received feedback from almost all participants that the effect was very powerful and was noticeable for up to three days. What struck us is that many people described the first connection with the Creator Love energy as intensive. It makes sense because it is the basis of all energies. Think of it as if you were working on the foundation of a tower, this is noticeable throughout the building and everything has to be put back into place.

Each Healing Circle consisted of two sessions and each person, couple or family had their own circle. The two sessions were given independently by Donny and Anouchka. That is why the personal report also included a description of the first and second sessions.


Because we set up the energetic circle, we also ‘see’ what is happening. A special aspect was that we saw a lot of connection and support from parents or ancestors. The effect was (1) experiencing an energy of support or (2) breaking the connection and boundaries of the old.

The old is crumbling

This energy of creation and love gives us space to transform and show what ‘the old’ is and how you can move forward in ‘the new’. The new is not a ‘new world’ that is much better than the current one. The ‘new world’ arises within yourself and the relationships with everything outside you, which makes your own ‘new world’ more beautiful and in line with your goal.