In this special edition of Cutting Cords, Donny and Anouchka take you step by step into the experience with Negative Energy Cords that are influenced by “Mars energy”. Mars represents energy, strength and courage but at this time it has many effects in the form of anger, war, oppression, judgment and inferiority. We show how by understanding what is happening you can make yourself more powerful and courageous and break the negative connections. This workshop is a combination of a short theory, meditation and an inner exercise. A fantastic opportunity to do this workshop in the energy of Mars. Discover, learn, feel and strengthen yourself.

No knowledge about negative cords or negative energy needed. It’s realy great and fun to understand the world of the NOW.

This event is LIVE at Universals Center in Aalten NL

Price: €29.95
Date: 5 july 2024 – 19:00-20:30
Includes: 100% LIVE at Magnoliaplein 11
Language: Dutch

Abundance 5

Your hosts are Anouchka & Donny

We hope you’ll join us and take a powerfull step in understandig to work with Mars energy and negative “Mars” energy cords. The last period we have had a lot of experiences with Mars energy and the energy body and negative cords with the influence of Mars. This is event is LIVE by Donny and Anouchka.