Dragons of the Realm of Emerald

The Universals support your Transformation

This is a unique oppertunity to recieve the powerfull energies of the Nine Dragons Realm. These very old nine dragons lived centuries ago as powerfull souls of high spiritual beings on earth. They support us now from the Dragon Energy Realm. Each of the nine dragons had a special task or speciality. Think about Healing, Crafting, Teaching and Protecting.

The time is right

The Universals – Anouchka and Donny – channel with the 33 main guides. The 9 dragons are powerfull guides from the “Realm of Emerald” and are part of the 33 main guides. And now the time is right to share the energy of the dragons, with everyone who wants to recieve. In 5 months you can recieve and experience the powerfull energies. The guides asked to this for FREE to share the powerfull energy around the world.

The program

The main program is free and there are options you can add yourself!
The 9 energy exchanges will be recorded. When you start the recording you are in the Energy Realm of the Dragons. Please follow the parts and do not use the recordings through eachother.

Whats FREE:
  • 9 energy exchanges and meditations (about 30-45 minutes)
  • information about the Dragon Realm
Extra powerfull options with energy exchange:
  • Realm of Emeral Dragon (Rune) stones (€59,95)
  • Digital (PDF) Workbook for personal Growth (€9,95)
  • Nine Personal Clearing and Healings sessions (€17,50 each session)
  • A live (online) Dragon Realm Initation Event (€29,95)


Language: English and Dutch
Time: 5 months; first session 24 april 2024
Location: Universals.TV
Cost: Free, extra options with energy exchange
Duration: about 30-45 minutes each session
Requirements: quiet space without distractions

Anouchka and Donny Universals
Anouchka and Donny Universals


Realms of Emerald