On saturday march 30 and sunday march 31 we did a special Healing Circle. The name of the Healing Circle was “Eclipse inbetween”. The message from the Universe was to create a Healing Circle for the inbetween Eclipse situation of this moment. From the moment of the blueprint till the last seconds of the Healing Circle the energy was very special, strong and full of good intentions. 

The 33 main guides of the Universals were in the lead of this great Healing Circle.

On Friday we recieved this message from our 33 guides:

Abundance 5

Your hosts are Anouchka and Donny

Message from the Universe


Dear soul, dear being full of love and wisdom,

We – the 33 guides in the universe – have asked Donny and Anouchka to pass on this message. A total of 33 main guides, supported by dozens of other guides, who support Anouchka and Donny in guiding the collective to the next step. The next step in recognizing who you are, transformation to feeling without fear, healing wounds, discovering the power deep in your soul. The eclipses will have a major impact on the collective!

When you read this you have taken the step to be part of an active part of the collective. The collective is all the people on earth, they are all connected despite the contradictions and denial. People will experience a time of reflection and recognizing and hopefully healing the old wounds. They will feel the energy of the sun in the ‘outside’ and power of the moon will work in the ‘inside’. The challenge is great and it is an important path for yourself, for your ‘oneself’.

The collective will be under the great influence of the sun and moon in the coming months… the associated eclipses and shifts in time and the experience of truth in the matrix. Donny and Anouchka give you access to a path that takes you to a higher consciousness, a higher vibration and a higher ‘feeling level’. What we bring from the Universe into the Healing Circle of March 30 and March 31 will be powerful and unique. During the sessions we will share an energy that will be recognized by others, by peers. It will connect and share. You will then be recognized and seen. Respect what you receive, receive with love and an open soul without shame and fear. It is the time to show yourself, stand up for yourself and no longer be ashamed of your identity or your abilities, wisdom and origins.

We’ll be in touch more often if you want! We will meet at the Solar Total Eclipse Live Event, where we will share live how you can move higher in the spiritual pyramid and become an even more beautiful and powerful multi-dimensional energy being. With us there is no time or space, that is why you can watch this more often and start and feel the connection every time.

The time for healing has arrived. While Donny and Anouchka have been supporting people worldwide for years in raising vibration, soul profiling and negative energy clearing, we can now ask them to take the next step. We asked Anouchka to share valuable knowledge about and support souls in healing old wounds, opening your heart and finding your meaning and your ‘story’: understanding and working on your “Wounded Healer” with the age-old knowledge from Kiron. All this to progress on your own path of healing yourself to your ‘oneself’.

See you soon! Realm 33.

The Healing Circle of each day began with the invite to come in the energetic realm of the 33. After that there was a session for energetic peace and healing. This was needed to take the next steps. All participants recieved energy with specific codes. All partipants recieved a energetic “gem” that is recognized by others, by peers, on earth and in the universe. The participants are now initiated in the Energetic Relams that makes it possible to do more steps in transformation, higer vibration and spiritual growth. 

We recieved the freedom to do this Healing Circle on our own way. In the energy realms there is no time or place. As experienced Healers we know that our multidimensional bodies enjoy the circle in three steps, like everything in the Universe. The first Healing Circle was in the morning, the second was after midday and the last before midnight. This way the result of the circle is optimal and the multidimensional body has the time and energy to do other daily things.

The 33 and we supported you fully on your way to tranformation and allignment. We thank you for your powerfull steps and support.

See you at the next powerfull Healing Circle