We are building!

It’sa official announcement! The Universals Studio is build as we speak. Thank you to the supporters of The Universals. Last years we have done a lot behind our computer at the office or in our homes. But the Universals TV studio is build in March 2024 so we can publish our great content faster en better than ever!

Workshops and Courses

We will start publishing our ONLINE workshops and courses on our website. Everything still in English and Dutch language. Our goal is to train and support everyone with the best information and content to have the best personal transformation anytime and anywhere.

Live sessions

We are starting live sessions Online. We do this on our own new IT infrastructure, live from our new Universals Studio. This is a great way to work LIVE with the Universals and connect by chat.

Online consultation

The new studio is energeticly great! The online consultations and healings will be also coming from our new studio. We have the space and a great atmosphere that is needed to a our energetic work optimal.

New dimensions

The new studio has a room for two presenters and a guest. It is also possible to recieve ‘digital’ guests and show multimedia. We kicked out the green screen and now you will see the studio.