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Abundance program: 5 steps to activate the greatest energy.

Donny NEW!


Solar Total Eclipse Live Event: 7 april 2024 recording

Anouchka and Donny NEW!


Passenger 2027: Forecast 2024 incl updates

Anouchka and Donny


Cutting Cords 1: Removing Negative Cords



Duality of the Dots: Understand what is happing energeticly



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The Universals is the place for Quantum Human Design, Itjing Readings, Cosmology, Astrology, Akashic Records Readings, Clearings, Blueprints, Spirit Guide Profiles, Soul Profiling, Property Clearings, Negative Energy Clearing and more. Discover who you are at Soul level, and develop your own compass to expand and shine. Soul Journeys and support to help you create a life you love!