Universals Check

The moment you access our (specific) contents, you have been held within the (specific) energy field.
This field is held by The Universals, Spirit Guides, Universe and/or Dragon Council.
Entering this energy field creates a shift in your life that requires knowledge of selfcare for all aspects of your one self.

Before we give access to content, we check TWICE the Universe, Spirit Guids, Akashic Records and/or Dragon Council.
This is to protect you, The Universals and all beings to avoid a spiritual imbalance.

When we recieve a NO from the Universe, Akashic Records or Dragon Council, this means one or more of the following:

  • The information of The Universals creates a shift in your life, that creates a (too) big or severe impact
  • It’s not meant to be at this moment, to start a Journey with The Universals
  • Time is not right to receive specific information
  • Another reason that we don’t receive in detail

The result of the check is a Yes or NO; independent and NOT a personal thought, view, assessment, evaluation or opinion.
Stay positive, a NO is not for always. Working on yourself is the key to grow, learn an discover more and more.