This is the time to unlock your relationship. A relationship between two people is something beautiful and unique. We often lose sight of the connection in this relationship. Strengthening the relationship by understanding how you complement each other and what both need is fantastic.

We support in maintaining and strengthening your relationship. Here we look at the life path and the associated challenges and important needs of both. By combining the blueprint of both and discovering the opportunities you will be (even) stronger together in the relationship. You will gain more understanding why the other person in your relation does something in his or her way, makes descisions or communicates in a specific way.

To take steps, we remove old obstacles through three powerfull, effective and safe Energetic Clearing and Healings. This creates space to come even closer to each other and to get over old things.

Unlock your Relationship program

What you get in this valuable program:

1 Valuable and understandable description of your relationship based on the knowledge of Quantum Human Design, Astrology and Soul Profiling.

2 An action plan and laminated relation graph.

3 Strengthening the relationship through three Clearing and Healings, spread over three weeks, on the topics that are important to strengthen the relationship.

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Live pack

Do you not want the feedback digital but in a meeting live or online? Choose the extra support option.

4 Meeting about the blueprint and action plan so that you can take valuable steps together.

5 Final interview including evaluation and possible adjustment of the step-by-step plan for a good follow-up after this month.

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